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July 3, 2020

The RWBro. John Oakley-Smith PGMsLOI Award

The centre-based Mark PGMsLOI at Watford, Cheshunt and St Albans may be closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic, however the PGMsLOI team are very busy preparing for the resumption of LOI activities.

Prior to the lock-down work had begun on designing and producing a very special award. As a result, during the lock-down period, we were delighted to be able to announce the official launch of the PGMsLOI Award for “Patient Industry and Merit”, generously commissioned and supported by RWBro. John Oakley- Smith PDepPGM.

RWBro. John Oakley-Smith stipulated that this Award is to be presented annually. to that Brother judged to have made significant personal progress in the Mark degree through participation in the PGMsLOI programme.

It has been decided that once the worthy recipient has been shown the Award with his name engraved on a cartouche, it will be immediately returned to the Award trustees, currently the Mark DepPGM and the Mark ProvGDC.

The Award winner will however, receive a handmade limited-edition leather Ritual Book cover which bears on it an inscription in gold lettering which includes the words “Patient Industry and Merit”, thus tying it in with the sentiment of the main Award.

The Award will be prominently displayed at all meetings of the King Harold DC’s Lodge of Mark Master Masons, the Latimer PGMsLOI Lodge of Mark Master Masons, the Latimer DC’s Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners and all other PGMsLOI related events.

An oak box to house, transport and display the Award has been acquired. A suitably engraved brass cartouche is fitted to the exterior of the lid.

It is anticipated that the inaugural Award presentation will take place at the first PGMsLOI Annual Supper to be held after current restrictions are lifted.

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