Report from Muna Elmi

Report from Muna Elmi, BA (Hons) English Language & Communication with Humanities

I’d consider my summer holiday a productive one. I spent three months learning the Arabic Language in Egypt. At an institution that promises learners to become fluent in reading, writing and speaking after completing 12 levels. This was an intensive course, so 5 days a week, three hours per day. I was required to take a mid-term exam and a final exam each month which consisted of an oral and a written exam. Overall I completed 180 hours of lessons and managed to have completed three levels, first sitting. I am very proud of my accomplishment and I also hope to continue learning this widely spoken language.

Besides my new language acquisition, I had set myself a few personal goals in the beginning of the year. Learning how to swim was one of them. For as long as I could remember I suffered from this fear of water. The fear and the possibility of drowning has prevented me from taking part in many activities, especially on family vacations. My first swimming lesson was on the 15th January 2016, I have managed to go every Friday since then and I am glad to say I have witness significant changes in my performance and attitude to swimming.

Academically, on the other hand, I aim to maintain the good grades I achieved last year and perform even better. I started Level 5 off by booking meetings with my personal tutor and module teachers to discuss ways in which I could improve my work. I have also joined Trident Media, the university media group to gain relative experience within this field. A meeting which has increased my self-esteem and productivity was with Theo Gilbert, an academic skills tutor. Theo viewed some of my academic work from last year and encouraged me to consider research writing or print media in the future. He identified the strengths in the work I do and provided me with tips on how to improve in other areas. This has also encouraged me to start blogging on a personal web page where I discuss controversial topics, female empowerment, travel, news and other creative things. I have also applied for a number of placements and volunteer work including the Stroke association, KEEN London, BBC News and Channel 4 which I hope to hear from soon.

What I find to be the most challenge aspect of university is presentations. By the end of my degree, I hope to have developed confidence in my presentational skills and to have developed academically, professionally and personally.