Mark Grand Rank 2016

The M. W. Grand Master has offered the following brethen first appointment or promotion within
Grand Lodge and they will be invested at the meeting at Great Queen Street, London on
Tuesday 7th June 2016 at 1.00 P.M.

Active Ranks

W. Bro. Trevor Clarke Cheshunt 1047 GSD
W. Bro. David Powell Latimer 962 GAInspofWks
W. Bro. Michael Gerschel Elstree & Radlett 1315 GStwd


W. Bro. Allan Lean Cheshunt 1047 PGJO – Becomes VW
W. Bro. Colin Taylor The Cloisters 872 PGSD

First Appointments

W. Bro. Graham Long Rose & Lily 354 PAGDC
W. Bro. Colin Baldock Watford 241 PAGStdB
W. Bro. E Peter Morris Stanstead Abbotts 1809 PAGStdB

Through Other Provinces


W. Bro. Ben Dykes Through London PGJO – Becomes VW
W. Bro. Gavin O’Sullivan Through London PGJO – Becomes VW

First Appointments

W. Bro. John Wickes Through London PAGDC


Provincial Grand Officers 2016-2017
Active Office
Grand Senior Warden Thomas J Hedderson, PPGSD White stone 1832
Grand Junior Warden Maurice W Smith, ProvGMO James Parsons 974
Grand Master Overseer David J Powell, AGInspofWks, ProvGInspofWks Latimer 962
Grand Senior Overseer Warren S Singer, ProvGStwd Ravenscroft 920
Grand Junior Overseer Richard J Harvey, ProvGStwd James Parsons 974
Grand Chaplain Allan D Atkinson, PGJO, ProvGChap  Harpenden  1254
Grand Treasurer * Mark R Saunders, PAGSwdB, ProvGTreas  Elstree & Radlett 1315
Grand Registrar Jon Lydon, PGStdB, ProvGReg
Grand Secretary Trevor B Clarke, GSD, ProvGSec
Grand Director of Ceremonies Roy Moth, PGSD,  PAGDC
Grand Almoner Norwell L Roberts QPM, PGJD, PPGJW
Grand Charity Steward Anthony R Smith, PPGJO, ProvGChStwd
Grand Inspector of Works David Treleaven  Sprig of Acacia 1114
Grand Sword Bearer Arnold A Hunter
Deputy Grand Chaplain Roger Southcombe, PPGJW
Deputy Grand Secretary Kenneth A Gooding, PGStdB, ProvDepGSec
Deputy Grand DC David Wavell, PPGSD
Grand Senior Deacon John E Milner, ProvGSD
Christopher J P A Scott, ProvGSD
Michael A Pilszak James Parsons 974
Grand Junior Deacon David R Hollyman, ProvGJD
Graham S Jelley
Brian P Meager
Assistant Grand Secretary Colin Dixon, PPGStwd, ProvAGSec
Assistant Grand DC Geoffrey G Cheshire, PPGJO, ProvAGDC
Anthony Nutley, ProvAGDC
Philip D Masters
Pantellis Poullais, ProvGSwdB
Assistand Grand Charity Steward Dennis W Brown, PPGJW, ProvAGChtyStwd
Grand Organist John V Bluett
Grand Standard Bearer V Noel McLachlan
Grand Inner Guard Steven Read
Grand Steward Christopher J Slater, ProvGStwd
Wg Cmd Graham E P Patteneden
Barry J House
Michael Eames, ProGIG
Grand Tyler Anthony (Will) J Dyer, PPGJW
* Subject to election
Past Grand Junior Warden Allan Crawford, PPGMO
William H Fletcher, PPGSO
Roger Southcombe, ProvDGChap
Roger W Stuchbery, PPGJO
Sidney G Umney, PPGReg
Past Grand Senior Overseer Bramwell Corn, PPReg
Roderick L Taylor, PPGInspOfWrks
Past Grand Registrar Keith C Griffiths, PPGSD
Past Grand Inspector of Works Barry R Bates, PPGSD
Charles M Blackie, PPGJD
Robert Sheppard, PPGJD
Past Grand Sword Bearer Raymond S Stockford, PPGSD
Graham Draper, PPGStdB
Past Grand Junior Deacon Michael Eames, ProvGStwd, PPGIG
First Appointments to Past Rank
Past Grand Senior Deacon Andrew N Dodsworth
Ralph L Durbridge MBE
Christopther Foxcroft
Past Grand Junior Deacon Leslie J B Butler
John D Campbell
Michael J Grey
Graham F Jones
Simon T Lincoln
 Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Robert F Paris
John W Parsons
James F Smith