Monday 25th March 2019 A day to remember in the calendar of the East Hertfordshire Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 683. It was the Centenary of the Lodge yes 100 years since its consecration of the Lodge and today was a celebration of that day. The day started with the Lodge being opened in the normal way the minutes were read and then the Provincial D.C. W.Bro Roy Moth formed and brought into the Lodge the escorting party followed by the Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro Richard Walker. who was suitably saluted. After another report the Deputy Grand D.C.W. Bro Mathew Hampson entered and announced that the Assistant Grand Master was without and that he demanded admission this was given and R.W.Bro Stephen Davison accompanied by W.Bro Daniel Heath The Assistant Grand Secretary entered the Lodge The Assistant Grand Master was offered the Gavel which he gracefully declined before being saluted by the assembled brethren. A Grand Lodge Certificate was presented to Bro David Keen, by the Assistant Grand Master in a most pleasing manner. Proceeding then to the Installation of W.Bro Phillip Lever as Worshipful Master To say this was done in pleasant way would not be good enough W.Bro Patrice David performed the ceremony with feeling and seeing that this was done in W.Bro Patrice’s second language it was a pleasure to listen to He presented the Address to the W.M to the same high standard. The Address to the Wardens was given By W.B Bob Asser and that to the Overseers by W.Bro Norwell Roberts Q.P.M. The addresses were concluded by the Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro Richard Walker giving the Address to the Brethren. Then the W.M. W.Bro Philip Lever handed the gavel to the Assistant Grand Master Stephen Davison, who started by congratulating W.Bro Patrice David on the way he had conducted the Ceremony and then went on by referring a new warrant for the Lodge commemorating its first 100 years he then commented on the Collars bought by the Officers of the Lodge. He then went on to ask the Assistant Grand Secretary W.Bro Danial Heath to read the Original Warrant of the Lodge which was done. Before presenting the new Warrant to the Lodge and he again asked the Assistant Grand Secretary to read it in full. The Assistant Grand Master then presented the Warrant to the Worshipful Master Philip Lever. He then then vacated the Chair. The W.M. then presented cheques to the Asst Grand Master R.W. Bro Stephen Davison for £500 to the benevolent fund which was received with much gratitude and similar amount to Prov Grand Master for the Province Mark Benevolent Fund again received with thanks. The W.M. then requested the Lodge secretary W.Bro Bill Rumford to present a brief history of the first 100 years of the Lodge’s existence He did this very well going through the starting up of the Lodge at (Cafe Monico Shaftesbury Avenue, London) on Monday 16th December 1918), recounting memories from that date to this day in a most informative manner. The Assistant Grand Master then retired from the Lodge accompanied by the Deputy G.D.C and Assistant Secretary shortly after which the Provincial Grand Master R.W. accompanied by his Officers followed. Some 60 brethren attended the festive board to enjoy both the wine the food bringing the end to an excellent day.

  • From left Deputy Grand Sec Danial Heath, W.M. Phil Lever,
  • D.G.M Maurice Smith, Asst Grand Master Stephen Davison
  • P.G.M. R.W. Bro Richard Walker. I.P.M. Patrice Davide.
  • Deputy D.C. Mathew Hampson