Herts Mark 200 Club

The Province of Hertfordshire Mark Masons is proposing to open a Herts Mark 200 Club. This is an excellent way of fund raising across the Province. With 200 Lodge members subscribing £5 per month, the ‘take’ each month would be £1,000 which would allow £500 to be paid out in prizes.

How it will work

1. The 200 Club shall be known as the Herts Mark 200 Club. Its purpose is to raise funds for the Provincial Benevolent Fund. Every member of a Mark and RAM Lodge in the Province will have an opportunity to participate on a first come first served basis.

2. The prize money will be 50% of the net monthly income.

3. Every eligible Mark and RAM member shall be entitled to purchase up to 2 entries in the lottery each month at £5 each.

4. Contributions to the lottery have to be paid in advance and should be paid by Bank Standing Order at the rate of £5 or £10 a month depending on how many entries are purchased (max 2 per member)

5. Each month the 200 Club Manager (the Provincial Assistant Grand Charity Steward) will check the bank statement to ensure that all Standing Orders signed by members remain in force.

6. The 200 Club Manager will then report to the Provincial Grand Charity Steward and confirm the number of paid up entrants and the prize money to be allocated each month.

7. The draw for the lottery will normally take place on the fourth Thursday of each month at Halsey Masonic Hall, Watford. Prize winners will be notified by post and a cheque sent to their registered address. Details of the prize winners will also be posted on the Provincial website.

8. The prize money will be 50% of the income so that if all 200 places are allocated, the total income each month should be £1,000 of which £500 will be paid in prizes. The aim is to pay out five prizes each month as follows: £200, £150, £100, £25 and £25 –Total £500. If in the early stages of the 200 Club all places are not taken up, the prize money will be 50% of that subscribed.

9. A suitable Standing Order form for participation in the monthly draw has been compiled (copy attached) This should be completed and returned to W Bro Dennis Brown, Provincial Assistant Grand Charity Steward, 25 Elm Avenue, Watford WD19 4BD. He will record receipt of the form, allocate it a number, take a copy and send the original form to the bank named on the mandate.

10. The 200 Club Manager will oversee the draw each month in front of three witnesses.

11. The proposed date for the first draw is the 26th April 2018. To take part in the first draw, all Standing Orders need to be in by 31st March so that they can be activated by 15th April, 2018. The 200 Club Manager will be responsible for checking all Standing Orders signed by members have been activated.

Download 200 Club Standing Order form

Mark 200 Club Lottery form. PDF version.17.06.18