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May 27, 2021

Hertfordshire Mark Masons Scholarship Award

For a number of years the Mark Province of Hertfordshire has sponsored a University of Hertfordshire student, the most recent recipient of this scholarship award is Chelsie Osborne who is reading for a BA degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of Hertfordshire Law School.

Chelsie wrote to us back in August 2019, shortly after the award of the scholarship, to express her gratitude for our support. She felt that the decision to bestow the award upon her was recognition and acknowledgement of her hard work in her previous studies and also her unceasing voluntary work with several good causes.

She explained that she had started volunteering at the very young age of 15 when she joined her mother to assist at the Hackney Winter Night Shelter. Despite the increasing academic demands and workload of her A-Level years, Chelsie continued her regular voluntary work at the Hackney shelter and went on to additionally provide voluntary assistance at the Arlington Centre. Following the successful completion of Chelsie’s A Levels, she was offered her place at the University of Hertfordshire and almost immediately increased her volunteering activities by signing up to become a member of the Beacon Victim Care programme. 

Chelsie has said that she finds her volunteering to be both humbling and rewarding and recognises that the experience gained through these activities will open her eyes to “all the possibilities that our diverse communities hold”.

There is no doubt in Chelsie’s mind that the financial support afforded by the scholarship funds have helped her, and will continue to help her, throughout her academic years but have also enabled her to continue her volunteering activities. 

In her most recent message to us, Chelsie confirmed that she is completing her final year of studies at the Hertfordshire Law school and everything is on track, despite the challenges of the restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The scholarship funds continue to provide support for the purchase of books and, in her own words, “this extra financial stability provides me with the chance to embrace more volunteering opportunities such as my work with Beacon Victim Care and hopefully soon being a part of the Hertfordshire Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel”.

Following completion of her degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Chelsie hopes to undertake a Masters degree, possibly in Forensic Psychology and Mental Health, to further her ambition to become a forensic psychologist.
Whatever the future may hold, Chelsie is determined and dedicated to the continuance of her volunteering activities and will be ever grateful for the opportunities and assistance that this scholarship award has provided.

 As Mark Masons, we should be proud to know that we are making the difference that enables others to make a difference!

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